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My Story

Over the last 2 decades, I have had the opportunity to develop and execute integrated communication programs for brands like Crest, S.Pellegrino, Hershey's and many more. By combining elements of public relations, event planning, and social media, these programs accomplished brand goals and objectives by effectively engaging targeted audiences. But the road that led me to a career in PR was a winding one...


It was 1993 and the vast, opportunistic world was my oyster. But with a bundle of rejections at my doorstep, I had to come to terms with the fact that I was not going to be the next Christiane Amanpour (at least in the short-term). I decided that I needed to search beyond what my freshly-pressed Journalism degree could offer me and see what else was out there.


I began to tap into my analytical side and dove nose-first into technology. I was a sponge, learning as much as I could about basic programming from Microsoft, Oracle, Siebel. Although I eventually left the tech world behind, the experience allowed me to hone in on my intrinsic problem solving and project management skills that proved to be invaluable in the realm of Communications. 


With this strong foundation securely enabled, I was ready to start communicating again, not as a journalist but instead as a PR professional. Finding the right story at the right time for the right influencer was the piece of PR that really sparkled for me. It allowed me to again tap into that analytical Manejah but still be creative.


Enough about I'd love to hear about you. What brought you to my story and how can I help you tell yours?  Get in touch with me below. 

The Process

Fueled by the practice of creating, curating, and distributing deliberately fresh, thought-provoking content, MPR starts every project by taking an assessment of your digital landscape to determine what you are doing, what you’re not doing and what story matters most to your brand. We’ll evaluate your brand objective in order to provide strategies and key performance indicators that help you reach and engage your audience. 


With assessment in hand, we’ll create what we call a Content Mapping Blueprint that includes a categorization and mapping of content to digital platforms and development of a message guide to support content. 


Based on the offering you choose, we’ll provide you with:


  • Weekly management of your social platforms

  • Ongoing promotional and product placement campaigns

  • Bi-monthly creation and distribution of content plan

  • Ongoing interactive strategic moderation


Additional services outside of the our offerings could include:

  • Content campaigns

  • Website content plan and management

  • Media outreach programs

  • Copywriting by the hour

  • Ala carte social media content

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