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3 Ways I Keep the Creativity Flowing.

Staying creative.⁠

Do you ever have those weeks where your list of to-dos are filled with writing tasks and a general need to be at your peak of creativeness? ⁠

Those are the best weeks, right? ⁠For me, 10, 5, 3 years ago, those were the weeks I dreamed of living in. Yes, back in my coding and project management cubicle days and even those spent working in the PR biz, I yearned for a career where I could just be allowed to write. ⁠Really get the time to apply my own creative vision. ⁠

And now I'm here and⁠ it's wonderful, if only I could get the creativity piece to keep up. That staring at a blank screen "creative brick wall" is REAL.⁠

Lately, as a person who works alone A LOT, I find myself searching "outside of my own head" for some creative inspiration. There's TONS of it out there. You just have to make the time for it. It's imperative that you do, before hitting that creative brick wall.⁠

Here's a few of my favorites places and ways to get inspired creatively. ⁠

#1: Grub Street⁠ ( I've been a Grub Street member on an off over the years and love taking advantage of the free opportunities to write during their lunchtime brown bag sessions. They also have a lot courses, at a variety of levels and prices and locations!⁠

#2:⁠ Reading. I know, I know - who has the time. But I've been doing my best to make more time to do a little reading. I find that reading really opens up the mind, almost flushing out the garbage built up in our brains from non-stop scrolling. ⁠

#3: A long walk down to the pond to watch the ducks and geese. And more importantly, watch my dog watch the dogs and geese. There's something so relaxing and stimulating at the same time about watching the pure delight in my pup's brown eyes.⁠

Where or how do you get inspired when you hit that creative brick wall?

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