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Courage comes from doing, not from thinking.⁠

It's something one of my mentors said in a recent webinar. ⁠

And although obvious, it was a bit A-HAish for me. I thought about all the time I spend just thinking, consuming what others are doing but feeling a bit of imposter syndrome paralysis when it comes to my own doing. Creating a long list of to-dos for the day only to accomplish NONE OF THEM because I didn't have the courage to try. Then I cut myself some slack - ok so I didn't quite complete all that BUT...

Perhaps as small business owners, courage is the decisions we make each day just to get one step closer to our goal or (honestly) just to STAY in business. And perhaps it's just having the...

Courage to take a leap of faith that you will be successful

Courage to stop looking for a just-incase-I-fail job on LinkedIn

Courage to hire a sales coach when you really can't afford it

Courage to say no to a project that just doesn't feel right

Courage to say yes to a project that makes you scared

Courage to walk away from a project where you no longer bring value

Courage to hire your first employee

Courage to fire your last one

Courage to SAY and DO the right thing, ALWAYS

Courage to apologize when you should

Courage to stay positive despite the odds, the noise and the disappointments

Courage to tell you all how deeply humble I am to have you follow me

Courage to post this, knowing I might only get 1 like (Hi Mom!)

Courage to wear a tiger necklace on a Tuesday. 🐯⁠

Let's go out and get it!

Stay positive, ⁠


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