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Some Remote Offices are Better than Others.

No, a cramped seat with a quarter sized tray table on a Spirit flight is not ideal. But every once in a while the universe throws you a bone and you get this view, 100s of acres of space and fresh mountain air.

I'm no stranger to working remotely and mixing family and work travel with staying on top of deadlines and catching up on projects. I remember the first time I ever even worked from home - it was the winter of 2001 and I was working as a project manager at Akamai. My manager handed me a laptop the day before an impending New England snow storm and he told me to stay home. I'm not going to lie, It felt strange. SO QUIET.

Decades later, working remotely is my life. And as a new small business owner with a child in high school (and a family who has a deep rooted passion for travel), it's important for me to find the right balance of supporting clients with creating memorable family time. What I've learned, through years of practice, is that it's about knowing what must get done and what can safely be put on hold until I return home. This opens up and provides time and space for life. And of course, the important piece, the one we all struggle with and argue about, time to disconnect completely just to breathe in the air.

So as Feb break 2020 wraps up, I'm looking forward to being at home base (for a short while ;)), to focus on some new projects and those heavier tasks I had put on hold.

How do you balance work while being away? Have you ever chosen not to go on a personal trip because of work?

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