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Welcome to Manejah PR

Not too long ago, in a big bold move for a more fulfilling life, I took off my heels, put on some comfortable shoes, and decided to head out on my own. And after much thought, discussion and daily self-motivating pep talks (i.e. tons of Thrive Global binge reading), I'm ready to officially announce the decision and the launch of Manejah PR. Specifically positioned to support small companies and other entrepreneurs that are looking for a clear content marketing strategy, Manejah PR focuses on creating a space for brands to be heard.

As my "About Me" states, I've spent the past 15+ years developing and executing integrated communication programs for brands like Crest, S.Pellegrino, Hershey's and more. By combining elements of public relations, event planning and social media, these programs accomplished their brand goals and objectives by perfectly engaging targeted audiences. The past decade and a half have been filled with exciting new challenges, experiences and awakenings (insert mind blown emoji here.) I loved every part of it and I'm excited to take all this knowledge and experience and put it to use to help companies and brands get off to the right start.

Utilizing traditional and digital aspects of public relations (press releases, fact sheets, white papers, message guides and briefs), marketing (blog posts and newsletters) and social media (profile setup, content creation and distribution), Manejah PR works with expert support in each category to provide:

Content Strategy: Need help with determining the best way to reach customers? Manejah PR will leverage your existing assets and combine them with new content to position your brand in the best light - giving it the platform it needs to be heard.

Public Relations: Looking to get media talking about your brand? Let's create some buzz together by pitching your news to top influencers - and getting your story told.

Social Media: Do you currently have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account for your brand/company but don't have the time or the know-how to execute a content plan? No worries, I've got your back and will work with you on a regular basis to develop and execute engaging content - so you can be seen across all your social profiles.

Event Execution: The best part of hosting an event? One-on-one contact with your key customers and influencers. Whether it's a meet & greet, product launch, networking dinner or panel discussion, you only have one chance to make a good first impression (as they say) - let's work together to make the experience engaging.

I understand that creating a positive brand halo requires a constant churn of fresh and creative content to capture the attention of media, customers and online influencers. This content needs to not only stand out from the mountains of information being communicated on a daily basis but also be clever enough to keep interest levels high through each news cycle. Because the fact is, unlike my comfortable shoes, clever content never really goes out of style. 

If you are a small business (or know someone who is) and are looking for advice and/or assistance in these areas, I'd love to meet you (or would be grateful for the virtual introduction.) In the meantime, please connect with me on social.

Look forward to catching up with you soon!


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