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When life gives you PR, run with it!

I have something to confess.⁠

I never meant to be a PR professional. A singer, a song writer, the next Christiane Amanpour, sure, but a PR pro? It never crossed my mind. ⁠

Yet here I was in the middle of Manhattan, fresh off from leaving a well paying tech career, to take my first job at my first PR agency as an admin. It was spring of 2003 and I was in full on "teach me everything" mode. Faxing press releases, pitching heat wraps to trucking magazine, helping out on events with the likes of Dr. Ruth and Scottie Pippen, and running those admin-worthy personal errands for my boss.😉 Needless to say, things were hap-pen-ing. ⁠

As years went on, I had moved on to another agency, and learning the ropes came easy, from leading global PR events to becoming partner. At some point, early on, there became a time when I could not remember my life before PR. I forgot every line of code I used to write with my former self, trading in that knowledge for the who, what, where, when and why of media placement and my favorite part...storytelling.⁠

Moral of this story? When life gives you options, take one and don't look back.🍋⁠

Seen in pic: Me + a couple of my event partners in crime at the James Beard Awards at Lincoln Center. (Boy do I miss events!) ⁠

Stay positive, ⁠

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